Producer Dre (of Cool & Dre), has spoken out about the rumors surrounding Christina Milian’s split from Def Jam, stating that his relationship with the singer had nothing to do with the parting.

Dre addresses the issue on the remix to Chevy Ridin’ High, a track which features The Game, Fat Joe, Pusha T and Rick Ross and others.

“The New York Post wants to print lies about Christina Milian getting dropped from a record company and I had something to do with it,” he told MTV. “I had to address it. In a few days, there’s gonna be a press release that’s gonna shock everyone. She’s got some really good shit going on the music side and movie side.”

“This guy from the Post knew Cool & Dre executive-produced the project [So Amazin’] and produced most of the album,” Dre continued. “Then he found out that Christina was dating me. He found his angle for the story. He printed some shit that said I had something to do with her getting dropped, which is a complete lie.”

“My relationship with [Def Jam president] Jay-Z and [chairman] L.A. Reid is great. When that shit came out, dudes lost it. They called me up like, ‘Dre, we have nothing to do with it.’ They didn’t want it to mess up our relationship.”

Launching his solo rap career, Dre will be releasing his debut set, The Trunk, in October. Keeping busy in the meantime however, Cool & Dre will be working on beats for albums by The Game, Young Jeezy and Nina Sky.