Minneapolis, MN

Soulja Boy has upped the tough talk toward his rival Chris Brown in wake of their celebrity boxing match getting called off. The Atlanta rapper performed in Minneapolis this weekend and called Brown a “little bitch” onstage for backing out of the fight.

A noticeably buffer Soulja paused his set to talk his talk regarding Brown, stating he no longer wants to go through with the fight because of what he hinted at were outside influences looking to capitalize on the clash. Soulja reiterated some of his earlier digs at Brown and declared that he would have taken out the larger Brown.

“I told that bitch-ass nigga, ‘Let’s get in the boxing ring, you bitch-ass nigga, what’s up?'” said an animated Soulja Boy atop some cheers from the crowd. Soulja continued by mocking Brown saying, “‘Ok Soulja Boy, Ima sign the contract, Ima fight you.'”



“Chris Brown backed out the flight like a lil’ bitch, mayne,” said Soulja midway through his rant. “…He scared to get in the boxing ring with little ol’ me. I was gonna knock Chris Brown bitch-ass out, nigga!”

The onstage spiel led into Soulja’s signature hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” to the delight of the crowd.

Brown has bigger issues to contend with as accusations of abuse toward ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran and a restraining order against the singer became public news. Further, allegations that Brown is struggling with drug and alcohol abuse have also popped up recently, although Brown denies that he has an addiction problem.