The controversy surrounding Drake and his alleged lift of XXXTENTACION’s flow on “Look At Me” has yet to go away and a new wrinkle to the story has appeared. XXX’s on again, off again manager, Adam22, claims that Drizzy reached out to DJ Carnage to inquire about the track just before debuting an untitled track in Amsterdam earlier this year.

Adam22 and his No Jumper podcast co-host Lil House Phone were guests on the Dem Ham Boyz show and opened up the discussion stating that he’s not even sure if he’s managing XXX any longer while explaining some twist involving an entertainment lawyer. The turning point of the discussion, however, was when House interjected after the hosts asked if Drake bit XXX’s flow.

“Hell yeah,” exclaimed House and elaborated further saying that he received a call from Adam22 saying that Drake allegedly reached out to DJ Carnage about the “Look At Me” track. Adam22 then confirmed from his vantage point that the mysterious associate that XXX says in a phone call got in touch with Drake was, in fact, DJ Carnage. Adam22 asserts that he’s “open to both scenarios” of whether Drake stole the flow.

House took umbrage at Drake’s recent interview with DJ Semtex where he acknowledged that he heard the song, but wouldn’t stoop so low as to steal the flow. According to House, Drake seemed to present the fact that he never heard “Look At Me” prior to releasing his track.

But it appears this might all be speculative as DJ Akademiks posted an IG image of Carnage chiming in on the controversy, saying that it was actually him who brought up XXX to Drake during a recent conversation and not the other way around.

As it stands, XXX’s fans and the rapper himself seemingly remain convinced that Drake took the flow, but further discussion from either side after Carnage’s revelation has yet to occur.

Check out the Dem Ham Boyz interview in the clip above with Adam22 and Lil House Phone from the No Jumper podcast speaking on XXXTENTACION and Drake’s rap squabble.