Amsterdam, NL

Drake took his Boy Meets World Tour to Amsterdam over the weekend, and he played a new track that could appear on his upcoming More Life playlist. A fan uploaded video from the concert and the Canadian superstar displayed his typical boastful flow.

The audio of the bouncy track is a bit blown out in the clip that’s been making the rounds online (listen above), but it’s possible to make out Drake using a busy double-time flow.

“Studio right in my yacht,” raps Drake in one clip. The audio clarity isn’t optimal, but later in the stanza, he raps, “Dream about work in my sleep,” which supports the standard lyrical ethos of the OVO captain.  Drake didn’t perform the song live but instead played it during an intermission in the show.

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Also on the track is London rapper Giggs, a feature that builds Drake’s connection with the U.K.’s Hip Hop scene that has previously included links to Skepta, Section Boyz, and Sneakbo.

Another clip from the show reveals that Drake intends to drop More Lifebefore his next visit to the Netherlands, which is slated for Feb. 26. In a video segment, Drake thanked the crowd and dropped a bombshell for the release of the playlist.

“I know we got three more shows in Amsterdam, but the best part of that is if you coming back to any more shows, More Life is gonna be out and we can do some whole new shit,” said Drake to the crowd.

One wrinkle in the revelation of the unnamed track is that some listeners are claiming Drake is biting the flow and vocal tone of Florida rapper XXXTENTACION. The SoundCloud rapper’s “Look At Me” track might bear similarities to Drake’s song but it also mimics the current double and triple-time rhyme schemes made popular by Migos, Big Sean, and others.

But then again…