After droves of media jumped on Marquise Jackson‘s “Different” song and labeled it as a 50 Cent diss track, the firstborn child of the rap mogul clarifies the situation to TMZ.

“This is not a diss to my father at all,” he says. “I think they want it to be a diss. People are making it a diss because I guess they want it to be a diss. But it’s not. It’s what goes on in my life.”

The assumptions that it’s a diss track stem mostly from one line where Marquise raps, “Lost my pops, but he still alive,” but he insists the song and his upcoming mixtape, Escape, is about stepping out of his father’s shadow. He explains why he released the song on the 14th anniversary of Fiddy‘s debut album.

“I feel like there’s no better way to introduce myself on the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ to let people know,” he continues. “This is me. This is what I’m doing. There’s nobody else behind this. This is not my father behind this. This is me.”

Watch the full clip below and listen to “Different” above.

(This article was first published today [February 7, 2017] at 1:56 p.m. PST and is as follows.)

Marquise Jackson grew up idolizing his father, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, but the pair’s relationship has deteriorated over the years. That tension has culminated in Fif’s progeny blessing the world with a diss track aimed at his pops titled “Different.”

The song was released Monday (February 6), the 14th anniversary of 50’s debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Employing a rhyme pattern not similar to some of his dad’s past work, Marquise takes the mogul to task from the onset over the thumping track.

Bringing listeners into the ups and downs of their connection, the somber tone heard in the younger Jackson’s voice helps to define his intentions with the song.

“Lost my pops, but he still alive,” raps Marquise in one stanza and while that line definitely turned heads, the song is largely just him displaying his bar game. But there is the interpolation of Dr. Dre’s “What’s The Difference” song and the hook performed by Eminem that also stands out, with Marquise adding his own flair.

In an exclusive chat with Rap-Up, Marquise shared details of the song and how it is the actual start of his fledgling rap career.

“That’s the first song that I ever, ever made,” said Marquise in the interview. “[It’s] my first complete song with a hook and verses and everything. It was more or less me just venting, me getting a lot of frustrations, a lot of feelings out. People say they can hear the hunger inside the track and that’s what I was feeling at the moment.”

Marquise is preparing his Escape mixtape, which will feature “Different” and is nearing completion according to the 20-year-old rapper.

Check out “Different” in the audio clip above.