Los Angeles, CA - 

Los Angeles MC Casey Veggies has been on a bit of a hiatus. His last mixtape, Customized Greatly Vol.4, was only his second project in about three years along with his debut album, Live & Grow that dropped in 2015. Veggies recently stopped by the DXHQ to hit play on some new music and talk shop about his relationship with Roc Nation.

“I’m managed by Roc Nation,” Casey tells HipHopDX Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark. “I think it means [I’m] doing something right but it doesn’t mean [I] have it all figured out or will be the next big thing.” Casey first caught the attention of Roc Nation’s leader Jay Z when he was only 17 years old.

Casey also discusses the things he has learned since coming into the industry at such a young age. “I’ve really learned how this game works. It’s so much that goes into it. I would tell [my 17 year-old self] to never stop grinding, never get comfortable. Never even think that you’re doing enough because once you think you’re doing enough [then] you don’t work as hard.”

For fans of the popular collaboration album Fresh Veggies with Chicago MC Rockie Fresh, Casey gives an update on a potential part 2, “Me and Rockie was just in the studio until 6 in the morning just working. Fresh Veggies 2 finna drop soon. I’m about to drop this new single with Wiz from my next project and then me and Rockie gon’ drop after that. I ain’t playing this year.”

With two new projects dropping this quarter alone, Casey Veggies plans on hitting the ground running in 2017. Stay tuned to DX so you don’t miss it.