New York City, NY – Even with the vast selections in Hip Hop sounds these days, including the ubiquity of trap, there’s still a viable (and demanded) market for traditional sounds in rap music. Just ask the legendary Diggin’ In The Crates Crew, who recently supplied longtime fans with heat this past November via their album, Sessions. HipHopDX described the project as “a shining new effort” and, for upcoming artists who excel in emceeing, the New York collective is making it easy for them to follow in its footsteps.

To complement the fierce lyricism of Fat Joe, O.C., A.G. and the late, great Big L (and sometimes even Big Pun!), Buckwild, Diamond Lord Finesse and Showbiz (and sometimes DJ Premier!) rounded out the clique on the boards. And the production facet of the team is bringing their countless hours of digging for rare records to the forefront with their own signature D.I.T.C. Studios Drum Kit.

ditc drum kit

Featuring 25 sets of drums (including 92 kicks, 72 snares and 32 hi-hats) the D.I.T.C. Studios Drum Kit is currently available on the crew’s official website for just $25.