Tampa, FL – Sports fans are often a superstitious bunch — lucky gloves, lucky socks and pre-game routines are a big thing among athletes — so it’s no surprise that fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide have come up with an off-the-field reason why their team lost in Monday night’s national championship game.

The college football team that has dominated with four national titles since 2009 was beaten by the Clemson Tigers last night when a last-second touchdown made it 35-31 for the underdogs. Reluctant to blame their players or their coach, Crimson Tide fans have found a different scapegoat — Drake.

Drake was photographed wearing some Crimson Tide gear ahead of last night’s pivotal game, and to some in the sports world, a Drake co-sign is something like a kiss of death.

There have been a few high-profile cases of teams crumbling after Drake has hopped on the bandwagon, perhaps most notably Serena Williams, who missed out on a chance to become the first female player since 1998 to win a Grand Slam just weeks after making out with Drake.

This case study also claims that the Golden State Warriors’ losses increased by 100% after Drake and Steph Curry got a burger together … With that in mind, we can see why Crimson Tide are throwing sidelong glances in Drizzy’s direction.