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Before Odd Future exploded onto the scene in 2009, the then-teenaged collective toiled on Myspace like many others did. OFWGKTA leader Tyler, The Creator‘s Myspace page has been unearthed and features six unreleased tracks under his former moniker.

Tyler, now 25 and four albums deep, was like most teenagers with rap dreams noodling in his bedroom. The discovery of his Myspace page in 2008 by a Reddit user revealed that Tyler’s off-beat humor, piano chops, and distinctive voice were very much present in his early work. The six tracks featured on the still-active Myspace page would have fit right at home on some of OF’s earlier works like Earl Sweatshirt’s Earl from 2010.

Rapping under the username I Smell Panties, Tyler’s “Hi To Me” depicts the tale of a dysfunctional relationship between a man pursuing a woman far too aggressively and getting rebuffed yet they both can’t let each other go. The track sounds largely freestyled with Tyler altering his voice to sound like the woman.

More of Tyler’s zany musical ideas are present on the “Bapes Freestyle,” in which he again puts a weird effect on his voice and drops a freestyle verse replete with what you can expect from the mind of a teen boy. But it is with the interlude “Lilo Fucks Stitch” where things get extremely uncomfortable. Press play if you dare.

Check out the old Tyler, The Creator material below and check out his old Myspace page here.

Hi To Me from I Smell Panties on Myspace.

Bapes Freestyle from I Smell Panties on Myspace.

Bring The Hi Hat In from I Smell Panties on Myspace.

Bapes from I Smell Panties on Myspace.

Lilo Fucks Stitch from I Smell Panties on Myspace.

Lisa from I Smell Panties on Myspace.