Luxurious tour rider demands by celebrities are a tale as old as time itself, but we never tire of hearing what the other half need in their life in order to entertain their fans.

Wale is the latest addition to list spectacular tour rider demands, as a report from TMZ reveals the rapper has an 18-page dossier of necessities when he turns up to a show.

First, Wale reportedly requires two dressing rooms — both of which must be furnished with “REAL, clean” sofas that seat up to 10 people each. Those 20 people will then be treated to the alcohol that’s on offer (Hennessy, Patron, Ace of Spades) as well as tea, made with organic sugar, honey, lemon, milk and cream. And of course nothing goes better with Patron and organic tea than Jolly Ranchers and Starbursts.

Perhaps the most interesting  (and expensive) element of the rider is Wale’s request to be protected by three armed guards at all times. It might seem a little over-the-top, but the man has scented candles and lint-free towels in his dressing room, and who wouldn’t want to protect those…?

TMZ didn’t share actual evidence of the document itself but we’re hoping that Wale will respond and tell us that it’s all true.