Several Hip Hop heavyweights will be lending their voices to the hour-long special episode of The Simpsons that’s scheduled to drop in January 2017.

The episode, which is set to be an homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, will feature Snoop Dogg, RZA and Common as guest stars.

The episode, titled “The Great Phatsby,” will also star Keegan-Michael Key from Key & Peele, as well as Taraji P. Henson from Empire. The music will be composed by Jim Beanz, who also works on Empire.

The story of the episode will center around Mr. Burns’ mysterious relationship with a Hip Hop mogul by the name of Jay G.

Dan Snierson of Entertainment Weekly has also shared picture of how Snoop, RZA and Common will look in the cartoon.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the plot of the episode will see Homer take the role of The Great Gatsby‘s narrator Nick Carroway and involved “Jay G and Burns becoming friends before Jay G sends Burns into bankruptcy and assumes command of the nuclear plant, prompting Burns, Homer, Bart, “force of nature” Praline (Henson), and Jazzy James (Key) to exact revenge on Jay G. ”

It’s not yet clear exactly what role Snoop Dogg, RZA and Common will play in the episode though it won’t be the first time that big name rappers have appeared on the show.