Atlanta, GA

Young Thug’s mama apparently sent him back to the airport where he offended two Alaskan Airline employees and she made him apologize for insulting them.

The Atlanta rapper shared the moment on his Instagram page today (December 13), revealing that Mama Thugger wasn’t having it. We can only imagine how that conversation went.

“When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize,” he captioned for a photo of himself standing in an airport terminal.  “Sorry love ones.”

When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize ?? sorry love ones….

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Thug caught heat recently when he shared a recorded video of him demeaning two airline employees because he felt as though they were purposely trying to make him miss his flight. He proceeded to call them “ants,” “peasants” and also made an attempt to insult them about their hair by saying they “look like Africans.” He continued his tirade by offering them $15,000 to quit their jobs and called them “bum ass hoes.”

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After social media camped out in his mentions for his boorish actions, he made an attempt to clean up his uncouth ways by reminding everyone that he is African-American, just in case anyone forgot.

“Everybody get mad and say shit…. I love the skin I’m in , and I love MY people….” he tweeted in an attempt to excuse his behavior, “the ladies behind the counter was disrespectful too….two sides to every story.”

Back to the airport he went to make a proper apology, thanks to his mom.