A video of Young Thug referring to airport staff who wouldn’t let him board a plane as “ants” and “peasants” has emerged online.

According to TMZ, the rapper missed the cut-off point to board the plane to Seattle, where he was supposed to be performing on Wednesday night.

Young Thug offered the two women behind the counter money to quit their job, telling them, “I’ll give y’all bum ass hoes $15,000 to quit your job,” while flashing a bag filled with cash.



It is evident neither of the women consented to the recoding, with one of them saying “You need to get that camera away from me and step away from the counter.”

Young Thug also mocked the appearance of the women saying “They hair nappy as a muthafucka.” TMZ has also reported that the rapper was offered a flight to Seattle on a partner airline but refused.

Thug has since continued the feud on Twitter, writing “THIS IS Y I RIDE signature JETS…. THEY TRYIN TO MAKE ME MISS MY SHOW!!!” and doubling down on insulting the women’s looks, saying “BTW that message wasn’t to all my black women…. it was to those black burnt women.”

Thug also announced on social media that the canceled show would be rescheduled for Monday December 12 with all tickets being honored. The rapper finished by saying “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,” though we’re not sure if that apology includes the airline staff he abused.