Boogie Down Productions fans might recall that just ahead of the duo’s 1987 debut album, Criminal Minded, DJ Scott La Rock was shot and killed with frontman KRS-One carrying the group’s name alone. Veteran rapper Just-Ice, who was closely aligned with BDP, shared details of Scott La Rock’s tragic death in a recent interview.

Sitting down with WHO?MAG TV Hip Hop Talk, Just-Ice retold the story behind the day of Scott La Rock’s passing. Fresh from signing a deal with Boogie Down Productions for his 1987 release Kool & Deadly, Just-Ice, Scott La Rock, and other associates were celebrating the occasion at an upper Manhattan McDonald’s.

Just-Ice explained that while sitting, KRS-One received a phone call from D-Nice who said he needed some manner of assistance. The crew, which was gathered at 68th and Broadway, discussed helping the young artist. Just-Ice and KRS stayed behind while their friend Robocop and Scott La Rock headed to where D-Nice was. Just-Ice says that Scott La Rock didn’t even realize he was shot in the back of the head until he complained of being dizzy in the front passenger seat of Robocop’s vehicle and it was the last the crew heard from him.

In the rest of the clip, Just-Ice explained that when they got to the Webster Projects, the assailant who shot Scott La Rock did so from a rooftop some 17 to 20 stories high with a .22 caliber weapon. Just-Ice says that he and members of the entourage found the shooter inside the famed Latin Quarter nightclub but didn’t elaborate beyond that moment in the teaser clip.

Other points covered in the clip include Just-Ice’s thoughts on him being an originator of gangsta rap, the current state of Hip Hop, and other highlights.

Watch Just-Ice retell the story around DJ Scott La Rock’s shooting death in the clip from WHO?MAG TV Hip Hop Talk below.