To help create the ultimate stoner’s playlist, Dizzy Wright and Demrick have teamed up to release the joint mixtape Blaze With Us!

The 15-track project enlists Audio Push and Demrick’s Serial Killers member B-Real. Production is provided by Scoop Deville, DJ Hoppa and MLB. The mixtape was inspired by an iconic duo who share a similar love for weed culture.

“When Demrick and I started this Blaze With Us! project, we had the mindset of recreating the same type of chemistry Method Man and Redman had so we paid homage to their Blackout! album with our cover,” Dizzy explains in a press release. “We’re not trying to duplicate the music, rather, you’re going to feel the same kind of chemistry they had beween them with me and Demrick. We’re damn near going to sound like a group. Blaze With Us! is for active stoners, those who wake and bake and then head to work or school. For those who like to smoke throughout the day to keep the engine running.”

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Dizzy Wright has kept grinding after the dissolution of Funk Volume. In July, he released the 702 EP in honor of his hometown of Las Vegas and this summer, he toured nationally to stay connected with his fans.

Demrick has also been working hard, releasing his Collect Call album in June and joining Dizzy for the tour.

Dizzy Wright and Demrick’s Blaze With Us! mixtape is above with the cover art and tracklist below.

  1. How Do You Want It (prod. by Scoop Deville)
  2. Roll My Weed (prod. by DJ Hoppa)
  3. Got It Good (prod. by MLB)
  4. Hundreds Of Thousands (prod. by MLB)
  5. No Chill ft. Audio Push (prod. MLB)
  6. Cookies Or Better ft. Berner (prod. by Scoop Deville)
  7. Skit
  8. Outside (prod. by MLB)
  9. Roll Up (prod. by MLB)
  10. New Hippies ft. B Real (prod. by Nizzy)
  11. Getting High  (DJ Hoppa)
  12. Gotta Build (Black Fist)
  13. All She Do (prod. by MLB)
  14. Daily Basis (Roc N Mayne)
  15. Blaze With Us (DJ Hoppa)