According to a concert promoter, singer Faith Evans tapped into her inner Goodfellas when breaking the news of why she wouldn’t be able to perform at his show.

Concert promoter Jeremy Hill says Evans turned to “gangsta-movie” quotes like “It’s not personal, it’s only business” to explain why he was ditched for the Bad Boy Family Reunion show, TMZ reports.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the songstress was booked to perform at Hill’s show at Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia on September 10, and also the Bad Boy Family Reunion show in Atlanta on September 8.

A non-compete clause in a contract between Hill and Evans states that the singer can not perform within a 100-mile radius of Hill’s concert in the six months leading up to the September show.

Her appearance at the Bad Boy Family Reunion show would serve as a clear violation of the clause.

Hill, who says Live Nation forced Evans to cancel his show to perform at the Bad Boy concert, revealed that he received the following text from Evans’ agent:

“I can’t give up 25 dates for 1. I tried to work it out, she was going to do both shows but it’s impossible.”

Faith Evans has since offered to refund the deposit she received from the promoter.