T.I. has been outspoken against Donald Trump‘s presidential run and his sentiments toward the mogul continue as TMZ asks him if he thinks Trump believes that Black lives matter.

“Absolutely not. I don’t believe any lives matter to him except for the ones that look, act and operate like his,” the Atlanta rapper says after first asking if the question was a joke.

TIP also takes jabs at Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”



The Republican National Convention was held last week where Trump was officially named the party’s presidential candidate to run against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Anytime you go back and say when America was great, whatever time it was, you had slavery,” he says. “Women couldn’t vote. Black people weren’t considered an entire citizen, segregation. Crack epidemic … All of these times in America were some shit times for us. So whatever he trying to get back to is some shit we need to get far away from.”

Watch the interview with T.I. talking about Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter movement below: