Toulouse, France

Freddie Gibbs “absolutely denies” the accusation of rape that landed him in a French jail while on his European tour last week (June 2), according to a report from AFP.

Austrian authorities are seeking to have the 33-year-old American rapper extradited from France to face charges relating to an alleged incident that took place in 2015.

In a hearing on Tuesday (June 7), Gibbs’ lawyer Michael Malka said, “Freddie Gibbs has indicated to the court that he would not be willing to be handed over to Austrian authorities without exercising his rights to a defense.”

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Gibbs was arrested near Toulouse, France on June 2 and remains in custody.

He was supposed to be playing more shows in France and Portugal before returning to North America for a concert in Toronto on June 17.

Gibbs’ request for bail will be looked at on June 14. His extradition hearing will be on June 16, after being delayed yesterday (June 7).