The saga continues in the case of Fat Joe publicly naming former New York Knicks player Anthony Mason as the real life subject for The Notorious B.I.G.’s “I Got a Story to Tell.”

His former teammate and revered NBA enforcer Charles Oakley has offered his two cents on the story, to which he deems the entire ordeal “disrespectful.”

TMZ caught up with Oakley, 52, taking five at a golf course where he stood up for his deceased friend.

“I think it’s … disrespectful,” Oakley tells TMZ. “I know Fat Joe, nice guy, but I played with Mason and I always got his back. Biggie ain’t here to tell the real truth.”

“Definitely disrespectful,” he added, doubling down on Fat Joe’s comments. “You don’t talk about a guy after he’s deceased.”

For the record, Joey Crack isn’t necessarily disagreeing with him. He expressed his remorse to Hip-Hop Wired, regrettably admitting “I don’t know if it was my place to say that.”

The seemingly autobiographical concept record tells how the late Hip Hop legend was knowingly blowing the back out of a woman who was involved in a relationship with his hometown NBA club. Over the years, speculators have named a myriad of players who were on the team’s roster during the mid-90s and in a recent appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, Crack let it slip that it was Mason who left not only let Biggie turn his girl into sloppy seconds, he also parted with thousands of dollars in cash to keep his life, which he thought was on the line at that exact moment.

Diddy later went on to confirm the story “with love” to The Breakfast Club.

TMZ has had Oakley’s ear more than once this month. He spoke for his longtime friend Michael Jordan and said the NBA GOAT didn’t find the “crying Jordan memes” that hilarious as everyone else.