It has been three years since Eminem released a full-length project, the Marshall Mathers LP 2. This was the sequel to his classic 2000 project, The Marshall Mathers LP, which is set to be re-released as a cassette tape, the Detroit legend announced on Twitter.

The post features an image of a door with the numbers “19946” spray-painted on it. This was the address of Eminem’s childhood home.

“19946 Dresden.. Stay tuned.. #MMLP,” he writes for the caption.

The Marshall Mathers LP featured the hits “Stan” and the breakout single, “The Real Slim Shady,” which Eminem performed at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards with hundreds of look-alikes with bleached blond hair.

The album was certified 10 times platinum in 2011.

The announcement of The Marshall Mathers LP re-release follows the reissue of The Slim Shady LP on cassette, which was released in March.

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