Jay and Nas may be trying to forget about their beef, but someone is trying to stir up old memories.

Carmen Bryan, Nas’ baby’s mother and Jay’s ex-lover is following Superhead’s lead and writing a tell-all book about her affairs. Her new book is titled Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop — Oh, and Did I Mention Love?

In the book, reports state that she divulges information about her numerous sexual encounters and relationships with celebrities. Among those celebs will be NBA star Allen Iverson and Jay-Z.

Furthermore, much like Super Head, Carmen claims she is the subject of various musical pieces by these artists. Recently, she went forward with her story King magazine.

Carmen goes on the record about her relationship problems with Nas.

“We had an argument and he was like, ‘I’m a king, Carm. Do you know how many girls would love to be in your shoes right now?’ That was his favorite line,” she says in the magazine.

“I never had to deal with lots of groupies calling me, but I heard things. I asked Nas about some of them. Way after we kind of broke up, I asked him about Lil’ Kim, Eve, Mary J. Blige. The only one Nas ever admitted to dating was Mary,” she said about Nas’ past relationships.

We’ll see how this affects Nas and Jay’s business relationship.

Source: MTV