Q-Tip sent out a series of tweets yesterday (April 3) about Phife, his fellow A Tribe Called Quest member who passed away March 22due to complications resulting from diabetes. He was 45.

I miss my lil brotha so much right now…. He is my hero,” Q-Tip wrote yesterday. “I’ve never seensuch a fighter. I’m sure u have been through this as well but. Know that in death there is signs and gifts abound.

The rapper-producer-deejay then explains some of the things Phife imparted on him.

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“He left me with the gift of unconditional love and brotherhood that will NEVER be lost with me… Ever,” Q-Tip wrote. “As we commit his body tomorrow his spirit is with us… I take comfort in knowing that GOD is the best of planners. I take comfort in knowing that divine order is certain… I take pride in having the blessing of knowing and having Malik in my life.”

Q-Tip also paid homage to his late partner-in-rhyme on his “Abstract Radio” show on Beats 1 Radio last month.

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