Joey Bada$$ says he just received word that he’ll be on the new season of “Mr. Robot,” shares possible album release plans.

During a recent interview with DJ Enuff on Shade 45 radio, Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ spoke on his interest in acting. He says he’s been a lot more focused on getting into film, which he says he’s been interested in since the eighth grade.

The New York City wordsmith also announced his first major acting gig, a role on USA network’s psychological thriller, “Mr. Robot.”

“What I really been up to, is I been getting into films a lot,” Joey Bada$$ said. “It’s been my dream to act since I was in like eighth grade. I always wanted to be an actor. And I feel like the music just made it a little bit easier for me to chase that dream. It just got announced that I will be on the new season of ‘Mr. Robot,’ which is a series that comes on USA.”

Joey Bada$$ did also speak on his music plans for the year, suggesting that his focus for this year has shifted to “free, loose music” for fans. He also hinted at the possibility of releasing an album this summer and another album at the end of the year.

“I dropped my debut top of the year, last year…I feel like as an artist I’ve somewhat established myself in the game, but I feel like over the years I haven’t given my fans enough free, loose music,” he said. “So, that’s kind of my take on this year…I might just drop a project in the summer, man. I just might. I just might drop another one in December, man. I just might. I’m sitting on like 80 tracks.”

Video of Joey Bada$$ speaking on his role on “Mr. Robot” and his 2016 album plans, can be found below.

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