Brussels was bombed today (March 22) in a series of attacks on a metro stop and the city’s international airport. The attacks on the Belgian capital left 30 people dead and more than 230 injured, according to The Guardian. Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS is claiming responsibility for the bombings.

Talib Kweli took to Twitter after the news broke to have conversations with users about modern-day terrorism and to dispel the stereotypes that all Muslim people are violent. He says that on American soil, the White supremacist Ku Klux Klan is just as dangerous as ISIS.

“The 1st anti terrorist laws in this country were written cuz of KKK,” Kweli says in a series of posts directed towards a user named Matt Greer. “KKK defines terrorist organization.”

The rapper analyzes history and says that the group was responsible for acts of terrorist dating back to the Civil War, but is still relevant today as evidenced by the recent rally in Anaheim, California and other attacks by White Supremacist groups. Kweli says that the KKK’s influence runs deeper than appearances at a public rally.

“The KKK have infiltrated the FBI,” he says to Greer, who suggests that people should be aware of the official definition of the KKK by the federal government. “FBI participates in killing black leaders. I don’t need their definition.”

In regards to ISIS, Kweli says that terrorism transcends race, creed or religious affiliation and suggests that Christians can be equally capable of terrorism as Muslims. He shares photos of Scripture seemingly advocating for slavery, a chart showing recent killings done by Muslims and non-muslims and a photo of the KKK standing in front of a banner that says “Jesus Saves.” Kweli makes it clear that he is not blasting a specific religion.

“If you read my tweets as anti any religion over the other, your mind is warped by dogma,” he says.

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