50 Cent’s one of the most powerful figures in hip hop today. His notoriety spans the globe and his associates are successful in their fields. So why is his cousin unknown?

Two Five, who also goes by 25 Cent claims he is Curtis Jackson’s legitimate cousin and he spoke to The Chicago Sun-Times about his life, his cousin and his own rap career.

The 22-year-old 25 claims he and 50 grew up together in Jamaica, Queens under their grandmother’s roof. He also claims the two were a tight-knit duo who were known around the neighborhood as brothers, rather than cousins.

According to 25 Cent who claims he acquired his nickname when he was younger, 50 doesn’t want to let the world know about him in order to protect him from his beefs. Regardless, 25 is prepping his career without his cousin. He’s got a debut project which he plans to release independently and has completed a DVD as well.

In the interview, 25 says he considers 50 a mentor, but that there is no relationship between them at this point.

In his responses, 25 spoke about how 50 Cent has changed since he became a much-talked about celebrity.

“I think when people get a little money they really don’t show their true colors. But when you get big money and you’re in a different tax bracket, you start to feel yourself more than you’re supposed to, you get cocky,” he says about his cousin’s changes.

25 also spoke about his family’s attitude towards 50.

“I think he’s lonely and bitter. I think he’s that way because there is nobody around you to share your love with. You’re making all that money just to have 15 security guards, two trucks and nobody around you that really cares for you. And when all your money is gone and there is nobody else there for you, you gotta come back to family and that’s even if we’ll accept you,” he claims.

He went on to further explain his cousin’s lack of financial support for the family.

“He don’t give back to his family not one bit. He’s supposed to take care of my grandmother and my grandfather because they took care of him. I don’t think he wants to put that situation out there. His whole excuse for not bringing me on is, ‘It’s dangerous, people trying to hurt me, people trying to do that to me, and the closest thing to me is you.’ And that’s true, but my whole thing is why you are bringing the camera crews around the same house you know your family is still in. All that money you got you can’t help your family get out of the ‘hood. Maybe not even me, but you do have cousins who have children and aunts who got bills. But you buying your homeboy a $100,000 chain.”

25 also believes 50 simply does not want him to shine.

“I think it would be wise for him to try and prevent me from getting out because, lyrically, I am better than him. I think the best thing for him to do is to just not say anything about me, whether they acknowledge me or not, I see you at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still see you when you come to the house, whether you want the world to know or not. My whole thing with 50 is he just does stuff that makes him look like a hypocrite. In one article you’ll say, ”Yeah, that’s my cousin. He’s a fraud, he’s this, he’s that.” Then in another article you’ll say, ”I don’t know him.” Then you’ll say, ”I don’t break peace with nobody, it is what it is.” But, yet you kissing Game on the cheek at a press conference. And you can’t talk to your family?”

Source: The Chicago Sun-Times