A$AP Rocky challenged Tyler, the Creator to match of go-kart in an interview between the two tour buddies on Tyler’s GOLF Radio show.

Tyler, the Creator teases the Harlem, New York rapper about his driving skills and accuses him of being a skill-less driver.

Rocky I know you can’t drive,” says Tyler. “I can look at you and tell.”

The Los Angeles native apparently has an extensive collection of vehicles which include go-karts that can go up to 75-mph in speed.

“Let’s get on the go-kart track,” the Cherry Bomb rapper says. “If you beat me it will be a surprise for you.”

“If I beat you, you got to give me your fuckin’ go-kart,” the “L$D” rapper fires back.

“Listen muthafucka, I will dust you,” Rocky adds.

The conversation of racing go-karts goes back to when Rocky finished in 9th place in a game of Mario Go-Kart during their Rocky & Tyler Tour.

“We take Mario Go-Kart very serious on-tour or off-tour,” Rocky says. “Both camps or both parties. We are very passionate about this. These niggas swear they are nice. A nigga was rusty. They caught me on an off day.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lord Pretty Flacko also does an impressive impersonation of Tyler in the interview during their playful back-and-forth.

“Do you drive? Do you drive? Oh man, you gotta get the fuckin’ Mclaren, man,” Rocky says in Tyler’s classic raspy-baritone voice.

The full GOLF Radio with A$AP Rocky is as follows:

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