G Herbo says he was risking his life going to high school in Chicago and names that as the reason why he dropped out his junior year in an interview with VladTV.

The Chicago-bred rapper was already making money and gaining popularity from his music before he dropped out.

“They was blackballing us at school labeling us as gang members and all that shit,” the 20-year old Welcome to Fazoland rapper says. “It was too much going on. I was in the streets. I was doing the rap thing making money. All type of shit was going on. I was just not going, bro. It was too much going on in Chicago.

“It wasn’t no point in going because I already know what’s going to happen once I get into it with a muthafucka,” the N.L.M.B. member continues. “It’s going to go one of two ways so I ain’t finna keep going to school doing this clown-ass shit.”

The “Kill Shit” rapper says his mother was cognizant of what was going on with him in school and encouraged him to drop out after receiving his report card revealing all of his marked absences and failed classes.

“It was a risk,” says the rapper formerly known as Lil Herb. “I was risking my life and risking my freedom. We was already in the streets. Yes, you can get killed going to school. People got killed going to school. Early in the morning. That’s when you get killed on bus stops going to school, on your way to school, leaving your house at 7 in the morning shit like that. You’ll get killed like that easy in Chicago.”

G Herbo notes that his mentality towards dropping out of school has changed since then.

G Herbo’s full VladTV interview is as follows: