Top Dawg Entertainment president Dave Free called Jay Electronica a “desperate housewife” after the New Orleans rapper dissed TDE artist Kendrick Lamar on “#TBE The Curse of Mayweather,” a track that he released yesterday (February 15).

“Damn you still mad about control @JayElectronica,” Free writes with laughing emojis, “#sadman.”

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Free is referencing Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s 2013 song “Control,” where he said he’d lyrically murder every rapper in the game, including Jay Electronica. The New Orleans rapper was also featured on the song.

“watch your mouth stay off the swine and get knowledge of self,” Electronica responds. “your mans wack. dont make me crumble your whole shit.”

“Ok Mr. @JayElectronica lol” Free says with more laughing emojis, “#desperatehousewives.”