R. Prophet, a former member of the Bowling Green, Kentucky Hip Hop collective Nappy Roots, recently asserted his view that actress and ex-girlfriend Stacey Dash bleaches the color of her skin.

“I would say…look, look at her skin now,” the Grammy-nominated artist said during a newly published interview with VladTV. “She don’t seem like she’s the same tone, to me. Would you say she’s the same color? I think she has taken something to make her skin a little bit lighter… What I found is, some people out there feel like they’ll be better received by the wider audience, if you will, if they become lighter… In my best opinion, I’d say yeah, she done did something to her skin. She done had some work done [laughs].”

Elsewhere in the interview, R. Prophet opened up about his initial reactions to hearing Dash’s controversial comments that the Black community should not be upset at the Oscars for failing to nominate filmmakers of color because BET holds award shows that are targeted towards Black people.

“Man, I was like, ‘What is this girl thinking? You got to be high or something — there’s something seriously going wrong with you to come out your mouth like that,’” R. Prophet said when asked for his initial reactions to Dash’s comments. “I mean, considering BET was one of the first networks that gave her her start.

“I don’t know what has made her change over the years,” R. Prophet later continued. “Back in the day when she was doing Clueless and things of that nature, she seemed to be a normal person. But I guess over the years with success and people getting into her head, I believe, something has occurred with that young lady — I don’t know if it happened as a child and it just came to fruition now, but she’s fucked up, man.”

After hearing about Dash’s comments, which she made during an appearance on Fox News’ Fox & Friends on January 20, R. Prophet took to Instagram to ask Dash whether or not she “really Luv BLACK BABIES.”


R. Prophet’s interview with VladTV, whereby he discusses Stacey Dash’s controversial BET comments and alleges that the actress bleaches her skin, can be viewed below: