Chance The Rapper says he’s wanted to be in a rap duo with Earl Sweatshirt, for years.

Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper made an unexpected reveal on Twitter earlier in the week, when he revealed that for quite some time now he’s wanted to be in a rap duo with fellow lyricist, Earl Sweatshirt.

“I’ve been wanting to be in a rap duo with @earlxsweat for many years,” Chance The Rapper wrote in a tweet sent yesterday (January 25).

Although Earl Sweatshirt has yet to respond directly to Chance, he did send a tweet about wanting “to rap with a group of people.”

“need to rap with a group of people! never underestimate the power of the collective,” Earl Sweatshirt tweeted yesterday.

While Chance hasn’t had the opportunity to hit the studio with Earl, he is reportedly working on a record with Kanye West for the rapper’s SWISH album. Radio personality Big Boy shared the news in an Instagram post uploaded earlier this week.

“Good Friday is running a lil late. They’re creating something from scratch in here. Not only is Chance The Rapper a lyrical beast…..he’s also a GREAT photographer. Hellllooooo. #Swish #KanyeWest #HandWrittenTrackList #ChanceTheRapper #ItsComing,” Big Boy wrote in the caption to an Instagram photo of himself and Kanye.

Chance The Rapper’s tweet on linking with Earl Sweatshirt, can be found below.

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