Master P has partnered with Playboy Radio for the Doin Tha Most Radio Show, according to allhiphop.

“I am excited about joining forces with Playboy,” Master P says of his show, which will also be hosted by Sassee Casse, Big Courtney and J-Tweezy and is slated to feature interviews and commentary on politics, sports, gossip and sex. 

Master P says that Doin Tha Most Radio Show, which via Playboy Radio can reportedly reach 85 million people, provides a compelling mix of subject matter.

“Creating a radio product that airs on the Playboy Radio platform only reinforces the ties that bind the impact of music and traditional entertainment while redefining the adult entertainment brand, at the same time expanding our reach to millions of new listeners and viewers,” the rapper says. “Now that’s what I call the American Dream in action.”

Earlier this month, Master P discussed the work ethic of the modern generation.

“Nobody really wanna work no more,” Master P said at the time. “Everybody getting high now. The syrup is killing the whole—this generation. Sometimes you don’t have to work for the money. If you do what you gotta do and you good at it, the money gon’ come. You gotta love what you’re doing. And you gotta educate yourself.”

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