Just Blaze has been explaining the delay behind Jay Electronica‘s album since at least 2010. In a 2015 unearthed interview with Day 1 Radio that was republished today (January 12) via BlackThoughtsSurrounded101, the producer says that nobody really knows Jay Electronica’s thought process for releasing the album and that he might not ever release it.

“There’s so much that I have said, I don’t know what else I can say,” Just Blaze says of the album, which is reportedly titled Act II. “Obviously a bunch of stuff I’m not gonna say. I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s just we inadvertently sparked something that became bigger than the both of us. It’s still both of our parts, so I’m not gonna speak on the other person’s part. He believes his train is running on schedule and you know what, maybe he doesn’t need to drop an album. The album exists. I’ve got it right here in my pocket.”

He shares that the version of the LP that he is in possession of has 16 tracks and that was hesitant to share more details.

“It’s a good album, but in terms of what he’s doing or how he’s going about doing what he’s doing, I can’t speak on it,” Just Blaze says.

He explains that the album might not come out because he and Jay Electronica have already made their mark on the Rap industry with the 2009 song “Exhibit C.”

“The game has changed,” Just Blaze says. “We ushered in a potential new era where you could turn on the radio back then and all of a sudden hear real Hip Hop at 3 p.m. in the afternoon, which we didn’t have for a while. I kinda feel like that opened the doors. It opened the doors for other, I’m not saying he gave anybody a break, but that shift, that quick paradigm shift where all of a sudden, ‘Exhibit C’ is on the radio on the mainstream station in the middle of the day. It opened people back up to the idea that you can play real Hip Hop on the radio during the day and make an impact.”

Damon Dash Told Jay Electronica “Your Time Is Now”

In the second part of the unearthed video, Damon Dash speaks with the Philip Muhammad Show about his relationship with Jay Electronica.

“To be the best rapper is to be the heavyweight champion of the world,” Damon Dash says. “He had it at that time, three, four, five years ago, I went to his house personally and was like, ‘What are you doing? Your time is now.'”

Damon Dash says that the New Orleans rapper was not worried about what other people thought his career should look like.

“He honestly is the only entertainer I’ve ever met that’s not concerned with the fame like that,” he says. “That wasn’t concerned with taking the chip. That was more concerned with the craft. He moves around, meaning you never know when he’s gonna show up. He’s lightning in a bottle. But you can’t be mad at him ’cause it’s his art and he can do what he wants with it. When he does have a platform, the he’s the only other artist, or the only other person I know that flips on these executives the way I would.”

Listen to both interviews of Just Blaze and Damon Dash talking about Jay Electronica below: