Freddie Gibbs offers his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and gun violence.

While speaking with HipHopDX, Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs was questioned about the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent acts of police brutality and gun violence.

In regards to police brutality, Gibbs shared his belief that the interaction between police officers and the people, needs to be worked on. He also revealed that he’s pro-guns, but feels that the screening process to buy a gun needs improvements.

“It’s so many separate incidents with black people and minorities getting killed by police and hate crimes and things of that nature,” Freddie Gibbs said. “It’s kinda hard to put your finger on it, man. I’m a believer in I think you gotta have a gun. I own guns, legally. So, it’s just like I feel like I gotta protect my household. I think that was something that was instilled in me from my granddaddy. Now do I believe there’s people out there that shouldn’t have guns? Of course. I think that it should be more of a screening process maybe to obtain a weapon…I think that we gotta learn how to interact with these people and these people gotta learn how to interact with us better. That’s the main thing…I think the police gotta learn how to better interact with the community and vice versa.”

Earlier in the interview, Gibbs revealed why he believes it’s better to be an underdog with a cult following than an artist who may be hot for the moment.

“I’m all about doing things to make myself the underdog,” he said. “The cult following type of artist. Cause I feel like a lot of those artists they become legendary in your eyes. They last a little bit longer than just some guy that got a single on the radio or some guy that doesn’t know how to make his career stretch. I remember back in the day when I would hear a Rap-A-Lot tape or something like that. It wasn’t something that I could—what was readily available to me via TV screens or BET screens. Sometimes, not in the record stores I couldn’t find it. But the rarity of it is what made me—what attached me to it. And I kinda just want to keep giving my fans that kind of feel. I don’t got to be the top guy in rap to survive in the rap game.”

Video of Freddie Gibbs speaking on Black Lives Matter and police brutality, can be found below.