Lil Flip was down with DJ Screw’s S.U.C. (or Screwed Up Click) back in the day and it had a big affect on his career like many others.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, the Houston native remembered meeting the hometown legend.

“I used to freestyle battle,” he explained when asked about meeting DJ Screw. “We had this club called Stadium Bowl and Club Unique where I used to do battles and DJ Big Red and Wicked Cricket, they used to let me battle and freestyle and I used to bump into him. I remember meeting DJ Screw one time outside of Club Unique with his brother Al-D and Al-D was telling him, ‘Yo, this little dude can freestyle and I freestyled on the spot about shit he had on, shit I had on and he was like, ‘That’s dope, bro. Keep doing your thing.'”

Lil Flip also detailed learing of DJ Screw’s death and how, at the time, he couldn’t believe such a thing could happen.

“[I pulled out my phone] and it was on his number just to call him or whatever,” he said. “I took it off my screen and as soon as I took it off my screen, one of my homeboy’s phone rung and we got the call. It was like yeah Screw died man, he kicked the bucket. I heard him on speaker and I was like, ‘Huh?’ I’m thinking this shit’s a joke. That was some crazy shit.”

Closing the interview, Flip responded to people’s concerns and worries about what lean has done in Houston and the deaths it’s possibly contributed to.

Watch the full interview segment with Lil Flip below: