Big Moe, born Kenneth Moore, suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday October 7. He is currently hospitalized, and some early reports have even stated that the rapper did not survive – though this is not confirmed.

An original Screwed Up Click member, the Houston, Texas rapper debuted with his 2000 album City of Syrup.

In 2002, Big Moe released Purple World, his sophomore album best known for the song “Purple Stuff.”



The Screwed Up Click originally consisted of rappers such as Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Botany Boyz, Z-Ro, Trae, Lil’ Flip, Lil’ O as well as others. Fat Pat and Big Hawk, brothers, were murdered in Houston, while DJ Screw (founder of the rap collective) died from overdosing on codeine and cough syrup.

“It’s sad to see another member of the legendary S.U.C. in an unfortunate situation,” said Houston radio personality Crisco Kidd.

“I know the homie is gonna pull through, he’s a solider. The world
needs to say a prayer for my bro, my teammate, my click member and on
behalf of Houston and the South we love him. Recognize him now, don’t
wait till someone is gone to recognize them,”
said S.U.C. member Trae.