AR-AB defended fellow rapper Meek Mill when he was asked about the possibility that Meek’s music career could be affected by him allegedly stating that he’s not gangster, during a recent court appearance.

While speaking with Mikey T The Movie Star, AR-AB explained that with Meek’s status as a rapper, he needs to tell the judge whatever he needs to hear. AR-AB, who referred to himself as the top goon in Philly, added that Meek shouldn’t be judged for trying to stay out of jail.

“At the end of the day, he a rapper now,” AR-AB said. “He a rapper. [He’s not] gonna shoot nobody or sell no drugs. He’d be stupid. You break a million dollars and you go out here and get a four and a half, you’d be stupid. Fuck around with a gun, four and a half. That’d be stupid. You a millionaire. You ain’t no gangster no more…But that man took the stand in his own defense…You tell the judge what the fuck he gotta hear…He do what he had to do. Everybody should understand that though. You shouldn’t judge a man for saying what he got to say to get his ass out of jail.”

Late last week, it was reported that Meek was found guilty of violating his probation. Sentencing for the rapper is scheduled to take place in February.

When asked if he’s had any experience in the courthouse Meek appeared at, AR-AB rattled down a list of times he’s had to make an appearance at that particular courthouse in Philadelphia.

“I’ve been in that courthouse a lot of times, man,” he said. “Everybody in Philly who got in trouble been to that courthouse. That’s the courthouse they take you to. I been to that courthouse a lot. I fought a murder in that courthouse. I fought attempted murders in that courthouse. I fought robbery cases in that courthouse. I fought gun charges in that courthouse. I went to jail in that courthouse. They sent me to prison.”

Video of AR-AB defending Meek Mill’s actions in court, can be found below.