A 27-year-old woman has been arrested for criminal trespass after she refused to leave Chris Brown’s property, according to TMZ. The Virginia artist was home at the time and did not go outside.

The suspect arrived at the singer’s Woodland Hills, California property at 5 pm yesterday (December 22). 

She gained access to the property through the electric gate when another party left. When security asked her to leave, she refused. The police were called and she was arrested once they arrived.

Security told TMZ that they had seen the suspect before, but that she had not been as aggressive as she was yesterday.

This is at least the third incident at Brown’s residences this year.

In May, the entertainer returned to his home and was met by a naked woman in his bedroom. Amira Kodcia Ayeb, 21, was charted with felony burglary, stalking and vandalism.

In July, Brown was the victim of a home invasion. Three armed men reportedly broke into Brown’s estate while the singer was at a nightclub.

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