Corey Paul recently dropped his Today, Tomorrow, Forever project last Friday (December 18) and prior to the release, he stopped by DXHQ to talk about it.

Aside from his discussion about the album, the Houston native also spoke with HipHopDX Senior News Writer Victoria Hernandez about his influences, which include many from his hometown.

“I grew up 10 minutes from [DJ] Screw’s house where it first started at so a lot of the cats in Screwed Up Click, that was everything,” he said via a segment of today’s (December 22) DX Daily. “Some people didn’t even know what Biggie would mean. Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Lil O, these Houston cats were real influential and then you have like Scarface – storytelling greatness.”

Corey Paul then said when he got a little older things started to shift in the south and so did his interests in Hip Hop music.

“Then when I got a little older you got to No Limit/Cash Money [Millionaires] from Louisiana just a few hours away,” he said. “All of that mixed in the pot made me who I wanted to be lyrically in the beginning.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment featuring Corey Paul below: