Corey Paul is slated to drop his forthcoming album, Today, Tomorrow, Forever on Friday (December 18) and recently stopped by DXHQ to talk about it.

Sitting down with HipHopDX Senior News Writer Victoria Hernandez, Paul detailed where the album’s title came from.

“The album asks the question, ‘What is your today, what is your tomorrow and if your tomorrow is your forever, how would you live?’ he said via a segment of today’s (December 15) DX Daily. “When you work that back it’s just saying what you do today is going to affect [your] tomorrow and then down the line with that is forever.”

Corey Paul also explained why his forthcoming effort creates a different discussion from most albums.

“The thing about this, the story I’m communicating through Today, Tomorrow, Forever is not what’s highlighted in the media or necessarily our music,” he explained. “We presenting problems, we also talking through solutions and we also bring clarity to misunderstood situations. When we doing it in a way where it’s not preaching at you, but we trying to intersect culture and counter it and show that our struggle is what it is, let’s embrace that struggle.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment featuring Corey Paul below: