In a new interview, Pusha T dubbed Puff Daddy “the toughest critic in life.”

During an interview with Sway Calloway of Sway’s Universe, Pusha T was asked to break down the lyrics to his “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets” record. In the first verse, Pusha raps: “I don’t like back and forths with Puff about rap shit.”

When asked about the Puff mention in the song, the Virginia wordsmith revealed that he’s “the toughest critic in life.” Pusha T later explained that being in the studio with Puff, who helped produce “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets,” gave him a better understanding on how some of Biggie’s lyrics came to be.

“That means that he’s the toughest critic in life,” Pusha T said while speaking on Puff Daddy. “It means that don’t nobody push you like him in a studio. Absolutely nobody. I mean, it’s hard to impress him. This my first time ever working with him. So, he giving you that ‘Yeah, it’s alright I guess, playboy.’ And I’m like rapping my heart out. I’m like ‘Nigga, is you crazy?’ And then he’s teaching me. He’s like ‘Man, listen. If I know or if I got an idea what you gon’ say next, that ain’t the line, playboy.’ He’s shaking his shoulders and shit…On the real side of that, that answered a lot of questions in regards to things—When Big would rap—As a fan of Big, me and my friends would be in the car listening to Big and we stopping and we like ‘Man, what made him say that though? How you talk about the love of your daughter and shooting up the block in two bars? Why do that?’ And then I get in with him.”

With Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude serving as the title of his latest album, Pusha was asked what the darkest hour in his life has been. He revealed that his life has had a number of dark moments, but one that stands out is not being able to work with his brother musically.

“My whole career has been full of pitfalls,” he said. “Losses. Losses to the prison system. If we wanna talk musically, man, I been shelved for four years at a time before. Basically coming into the—Even creatively, I came into the rap game with my best friends. And even going through the label drama and stuff, I got separated even from them. Not that we couldn’t work together. And we still did work together, but just that housing of us as a unit. It got sorta separated. So, it’s been dark quite a few times in my career. My brother not being my partner, musically. That’s probably about the worst.”

Video of Pusha T speaking on recording with Puff Daddy, can be found below.