Yo Gotti interested in seeing biopics on Master P and J. Prince.

While speaking on the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, Memphis, Tennessee rapper Yo Gotti revealed that he would love to see biopics on No Limit Records’ Master P and Rap-a-Lot Records’ J. Prince.

Being from the South, he says he’s always been able to relate to the likes of P and Prince.

“If they do the Tupac joint, I’ll most definitely go check that out,” Yo Gotti said while speaking with DJ Smallz Eyes. “I want to see the P joint. Just being from the South, man. Master P and them, legends. I want to see one on Little J [J. Prince] from Rap-a-Lot. These legends to me. Being from the South, them the cats that made me want to be a boss in my situation. Made me want to be independent and run my label. Just the way they done theirs and what they come from. From what I know or heard. I’d love to see a Master P or Little J joint.”

While speaking on Straight Outta Compton, Gotti explained that he gained even more respect for Dr. Dre, after watching the film.

“I watched that joint,” he said. “I liked the movie. I think it wasn’t long enough. Me not knowing they whole story, but just being a fan I’m pretty sure it was way more things happening that they couldn’t put in the movie. So, they probably could put out a few more of ‘em. But I just took from the joint that that boy Dre a genius, man. How he just built one situation, walked away, built another, walked away, built another. That shit just made me look at bruh like—And I already had the utmost respect for him. But it made me look at him even like ‘Damn, this nigga’s a fuckin’ genius or something when it comes to just the music.’ To see Cube in there and knowing what he doing now.”

Video of Yo Gotti speaking on possible biopics from Master P and J. Prince, can be found below.