Scarface visited #DXHQ in promotion of his upcoming album, Deeply Rooted (August 31). During the conversation, the Houston native addressed what he deems is the media’s interpretation of his current relationship with The Geto Boys and Rap-A-Lot Records founder and CEO J. Prince.

“Try not to make a mutherfucker seem like I’m at odds with James [Prince] or at I’m at odds with [Willie D] or I’m at odds with [Bushwick Bill],” Scarface said. “That’s not the fucking truth. If you’re going to print the truth, print the truth. Did I feel fucked up about albums that came out that I didn’t play a part in with my fucking name on it, you goddamn right, as anybody else should. Or the shit that I did on Geto Boys albums, did I like them? Nah. Could I have done it better? I could’ve been way better. I don’t feel like I put enough time into those Geto Boys projects to make them into what I wanted them to be. Everybody else might’ve loved the shit, but I see holes in them where I could’ve made it better. So don’t try to make it seem like I hate The Geto Boys or I hate James or some shit like that because that’s not the fucking case.”

While ‘Face has previously made comments critical of the music released while he was signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, he insists that his words have consistently been taken out of context.

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“That kind of made me mad as a mutherfucker that someone would misconstrue my words and put them to a challenging or threatening manner towards someone I’ve looked up to and patterned my life behind, my whole adulthood,” he said. “A person can read some shit and be totally misled by what they read. To see or hear audio action might be a better thing. Just know that when I say that James didn’t give a fuck about none of that shit, he didn’t. He gave a fuck about the business. He gave a fuck about what was good for business and that’s what he did for business. Him dropping albums with my name on it without me being a part of that shit was good for business. Let’s be real clear: ‘condemn’ and ‘slams’ and all that shit, that’s pussy shit because that’s not what I said. I didn’t say that I condemn him or I slammed him. That’s not the words that came out of my mouth.”

Scarface also emphasized that his biggest concern has always been the music.

“I could’ve done that shit way better than that,” he said. “I for one don’t want to flood the market with my music and I take this shit real personal. I’m married to my music, man. I don’t give a fuck about nothing else but my music, bro. So to take that music that didn’t make the rest of the albums and put it out, I didn’t like that. Me being mad, that’s business. At the end of the day, business is one thing and friends is another thing. Two different words. Two different meanings.”