A fan of the Wu-Tang Clan has created a screenplay titled Once Upon A Time In The Shaolin: A Wu-Tang Clan Heist Film, according to Pigeons and Planes.

Jordan VanDina wrote the 70-page script that portrays Bill Murray stealing back the one-of-a-kind album from Martin Shkreli, who purchased Once Upon A Time In The Shaolin for $2 million. Michael Jordan, Justin Bieber and North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un make appearances in the story alongside Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and the ghost of ODB.

Shkreli spoke with HipHopDX about meeting up with RZA to purchase the album.

“The guy sits down. We talk for a half an hour,” he says. “We didn’t really get to know each other in any way, shape or form. That’s why I said that we didn’t have much in common because we talked for maybe an hour. I’ve had meetings where I was supposed to be talking to someone for an hour and we end up talking for six hours because we’re so interested in what we have to say. We’ve all been there. That’s not what happened. Motherfucker came in. He was late. We sat-down for maybe 45 minutes at most.”

Read the script for Once Upon A Time In The Shaolin: A Wu-Tang Clan Heist Film

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