The Grammys announced the nominations for its 58th annual awards show today (December 7). Kendrick Lamar was nominated 11 times, including twice in the Rap/Sung Collaboration category.

One name that was not on that list was Omarion, whose single, “Post To Be” with Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko, is certified platinum. The video has more than 300 million views on YouTube at time of print.

The Maybach Music Group singer took to Twitter to express his frustration with not being nominated.

“‘Post to be’ is one of the greatest R&B collaborations ever. CB, Jhene, & myself been in the game 10+,” he writes in a series of posts. “Even though people act like its easy to make a hit (& it’s not). As an artist you look forward to being acknowledged by the game. The odds have always been against me. I constantly prove you wrong. I’ll consistently do great things & you will have to celebrate me.”

Omarion says that he will use this as motivation to further progress his music career.

“This isn’t a ‘im upset’ (post to be) rant,” he writes. “This is a- ok so that wasn’t good enough. I’ll be back. Have my Grammy’s ready. The game has long changed since I was introduced to it. They want to still treat me like I’m a new to this. My moment is coming trust. So when it’s all said & done. Remember. I prophesied it. It’s my destiny. I was destined. Chosen.”