Rick Ross says that his recent prolific release run can be attributed to an explosion of creativity and ideas.

Between March 2014 and now, Ross has released six projects, including three albums and three mixtapes, the most recent being his eighth studio LP, Black Market.

“Over the last two years it was just like an explosion of creativity, music [and] ideas,” Rick Ross said during a recently published interview with Rolling Stone. “It’s just a lot of things, creatively, just fell in place. Music-wise I was able to put out Mastermind [and] seven months later put out another project that could be perceived or felt different from the first; as well as follow that with a new album which would be different from the both. So, here we are. This is most definitely gon’ be a powerful record. A personal record.”

Elsewhere, Rozay spoke on his favorite guest verse he’s done for other artists.

“My favorite, I would say, would be ‘Devil in a New Dress,’ a guess spot I did on Kanye [West]’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy LP.”

Continuing on the topic of Kanye West, the MMG frontman says that he’s unsure whether or not he’ll feature on the Chicago rapper’s forthcoming SWISH album, however he did reveal that the two have some material in the “vault.”

“You never know what Kanye uses for his album until he makes that roll-out. But, me and Kanye have music in the vault. Where it lands? We’ll see.”

Rick Ross’ interview with Rolling Stone can be viewed below:

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