D12 members Bizarre, Kuniva, and Swifty McVay offered some insight into the Detroit-based group’s more formative years during a recent interview with VladTV.

After detailing how the collective first came together via Proof, the trio went on to discuss the rise of frontman Eminem, who Kuniva says a lot of people originally thought was Black.

“A lot of people were thinking he was Black before [they] even knew who he was,” Kuniva said. “They automatically was like, ‘This nigga’s killing shit.’ And so when they found out that he’s a White dude, it was extra crazy [like], ‘Man, what the fuck?’ They couldn’t believe it. So a lot of people had to come up there and see [for] themselves [like], ‘Let me see what the fuck this shit is about, man. Let me make sure.’ They’d come up there and they’d watch this guy at the Hip Hop Shop just killing cats, man. You knew you were seeing something special. You knew it was something that you wouldn’t see again.

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“You had to tell somebody,” Swifty McVay later added. “It was like that. You had to go and be [like], ‘Hey, you need to hear this dude.’ You didn’t keep your mouth closed when it came to acknowledging his skills to people.”

D12’s interview with VladTV can be viewed below: