Detroit, Michigan’s Swifty Mcvay (f/k/a Swift) is best known for his role in Eminem’s group D12. The veteran emcee has been one of the more reclusive members of the group, not known for releasing solo material. That will change with February 23’s digital album, Hell To The Capatain. Swifty will release the album through Arsenal Vision Entertainment.

The cover art has been revealed, and tracklisting is as follows:

1. Run Up On
2. Ant No Stoppin
3. Now&then
4. Love The Way You Move
5. N Jail
6. Change It Up
7. Not2trust
8. Set 2 Aim
9. If You Knew Better
10. Yall Some Hoes
11. Down Azz Bitch
12. Dont Underestimate
13. Gaurdian Angel
14. Noomega