Brixton East, UK

Photographer Eddie Otchere, who has captured the likes of The Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J. Blige, is hoping to bring the Wu-Tang Clan’s 37th Chamber to life. The photographer has created a Kickstarter campaign that will help in raising funds for the creation of the chamber.

The chamber, which will serve as a Wu-Tang Clan photography exhibit, will feature 10 exhibition prints housed in a custom-made wood chamber.

Otchere has set a goal of approximately $8,324 for the exhibit. The money raised during the fundraiser will go to exhibition prints, wood and materials for the chamber, as well as labor.

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“In March 2016, in this very room here, in Brixton East, We’re gonna build—and when I say ‘we,’ me, you – together we are gonna build the thirty-seventh chamber of the Wu-Tang,” Otchere says in his Kickstarter video. “All 10 emcees together. I want them to be in one space. I want this to be the thirty-seventh chamber of the Wu. Because photography is about time, is about recording. And sometimes you don’t really understand what’s happened until 20 years later.”

If the fundraising goal for the 37th Chamber exhibit is reached, the chamber is scheduled to be opened in Brixton East in March 2016.

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