Now that sentencing for Anthony Christian, a man found guilty of orchestrating the 1999 murder of a man in Staten Island is approaching, his lawyer is looking further into police reports, which mention Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and Raekwon.

An FBI file unearthed by stated that one of the men murdered, 17-year-old Jerome “Boo Boo” Estella once robbed RZA’s little brother.

“A couple of weeks before the Boo Boo shooting, Uncles (the street name of drug supplier-turned-informant Paul Ford) told Humphreys about a Blood named Boo Boo who just came home from jail. He stated that Boo Boo had robbed RZA’s little brother and had also gotten into something with the Christian brothers…Uncles was talking about Boo Boo and said that he had just come home and robbed RZA’s brother and that they would likely come after him for that. Humphreys believes Uncles was referring to members of Wu Tang,” the filing reads, according to

The filings also refer to another man who was murdered in 1999, Corey “Shank Bank” Brooker. According to the filings, Ford, Brian Humphreys (the trigger-man in the Estella murder), and Christian took part in a conversation about Brooker robbing RZA’s brother and Raekwon’s cousin.

“Ford stated that he had previously heard that Shank Bank was killed by Phife (ph). Ford believes that Phife collected money from RZA for executing the hit,” the filing reads.

In a statement, Christian’s lawyer, Michael Gold suggested that the liability in the murder of Estella doesn’t end with his client.

“These reports seem to suggest someone else was liable for those murders. I’m not suggesting that Wu-Tang committed these crimes. The FBI did,” Gold said, reports. “What I’m trying to ascertain is their stated belief in an official file that Wu-Tang ordered this homicide.”

At this time, Brooker’s murder remains unsolved.

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