While speaking with Hip Hop Wired recently, producer Scott Storch was asked if any relationships were ruined during the time when he was heavy on his partying kick. According to the beatsmith, his relationship with fellow producer Dr. Dre was one that was greatly affected by his partying.

Despite harming his relationship with Dre, Storch revealed that he’s optimistic about the two working together again one day.

“I think most—I regret the way I treated Dr. Dre after he so graciously opened up the doors for this kingdom to me,” Scott Storch said. “And I know the mistakes I made were 100 percent drug-induced and I just feel like that relationship isn’t over. And I hope to work with him in the future. Hopefully, he can accept me back into his good graces.”

During his interview, Storch also spoke on his most recent work, including Rick Ross and Chris Brown’s “Sorry” record, which he produced. He offered some insight into how the record came about, stating that Brown cut several records for him before he chose “Sorry” to send over to Ross.

“Basically, I had sent Chris a bunch of records,” he said. “Like four, five records. And he sent back all of them cut. Every single one. All smashes. And that one I decided to just shoot it right over to Rick Ross’ house. He went crazy over it. It was instantaneous. With everything going on—I believe with both of them and their lives, personal, romantic worlds, it applied…It’s a blessing when things come together like that. It’s definitely one of the pieces of the puzzle in the return of Scott Storch.”

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